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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

“Together with our customers we are driven to make healthcare better”

As I walked through the doors on the first day, my eyes were immediately directed to Stryker’s mission statement, presented in large, bold text. These words resonated with me as I slowly started to realize that the eleven words were not simply a mission, but also a lifestyle embodied by every employee. I had always been under the impression that I understood the ease in the distribution of medical products in developed countries, but never fathomed how big its impact would be amongst the emerging nations.

Stryker’s global impact on the healthcare industry is represented through the quality of products aimed to serve society. Apart from the high quality of innovative products and corresponding quality of service offered at Stryker, the work ethic and corporate values constitute to building the warm atmosphere within the office. Coming from a background in Biomedical Engineering, I was extremely grateful to be given this opportunity to be able to apply my technical knowledge within the local healthcare industry in Thailand, where I was directly and indirectly affecting people’s lives. Having witnessed the culture around the world, Stryker’s global impact, especially in Thailand, provided a distinguished sense of reward for the work done towards societal betterment.

The interns at Stryker are offered the resources to learn the work of the different departments, and the ability to engage in extensive conversations to understand various processes. Stryker’s culture nurtures the strength of every employee, and actively works to improve personal strengths through the tasks and projects assigned. When I was assigned my project, employees in different specialized departments invested their time to guide me in my work so that I would be able to work independently. As an intern, I never imagined that I would be assigned a project of such importance. Every idea proposed is acknowledged, valued, and tasks are assigned to optimally build upon strengths. Stryker’s culture is one that develops growth, and presents opportunities for every individual to learn and teach.

After eleven weeks, this workplace is one I called home. The relationships built and trust developed makes me sad to go. Thank you to everyone at Stryker Thailand for making me feel so welcomed, and a big thank you to my boss, Mr. Menon, for giving me this opportunity.

Suveer Sachdev

Marketing & Sales Intern

Bangkok, Thailand


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