My office has no standardization for employees… - Russell Chin

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

…in terms of race, gender or nationality.

On my first day of internship, I shook hands with people from 16 different countries in an office that is approximately the size of a swimming pool and during my time here, my interactions with this diverse group of people has made me fall in love with Stryker’s culture.

There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm and liveliness every morning whenever I step into the office that makes me anticipate coming to work. It was also a bonus that there were many high functioning intellectuals I could always go to either for technical help or advice for softer skills and presentation tips.

As an operations intern for APAC, the objective was to optimize operational processes. Basically, make things better or make them faster. I’m glad to have been given the autonomy to explore so many aspects of the supply chain and initiate something on my own – such as an inventory expiry monitoring tool I have been working on that can be applied to any market in APAC. It is still a work in progress and hopefully it can be implemented in a market and tested out first!

There are many more wildly exciting opportunities at a place like Stryker. Thinking back to 4 months ago - I remember deliberating between two great internship offers, which was a hard choice. I now live with the fact that I chose Stryker and now I leave with the fact that my choice was right. Thank you Stryker for this experience!

Russell Chin

Operations Intern

Stryker's Singapore office


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