Intern independence at Stryker - Mia Chiesa

I’ve never been someone who believes that just doing the work I’m expected of is sufficient enough and I’ve always been someone who will do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. I would categorize myself as a someone who truly thrives when given the opportunity to work hard for something I am passionate about. Throughout my interview process here at Stryker, this same motivation and enthusiasm I’ve always had was absolutely matched by each interviewee, and now colleague, I spoke with. You could feel their genuine excitement of working for Stryker just through their automatic smiles when asked the question, “Why do you enjoy working for this company?” Their passion for Stryker that I could feel through their answers describing our family culture and driven working environment are now feelings I experience every day when I walk through our doors. It was this positive energy that allowed me to make the nearly automatic choice that Stryker was absolutely the company I would love to have the opportunity to intern for this summer.

Directly after receiving news that Stryker had decided to extend an offer to me as an intern for the summer, I was given a choice of deciding my internship site location in either Kalamazoo, Michigan or San Jose, California. To say I was shocked that as an intern I was given the opportunity to decide between two incredible locations is an absolute understatement. On one end, I had the opportunity to work at our headquarters close to home, and on the other I had the equally incredible opportunity to embark on a journey across the country. The catch was I couldn’t make a wrong decision! Ultimately, I decided to work out of our Kalamazoo location, but this was just the first of the extremely independent and impactful decisions I would be given the opportunity to make during my time with Stryker.

As you can imagine, the passion I have for Stryker has only heightens my enthusiasm to push for my work even further. Here at Stryker, my drive and dedication are not only accepted, but encouraged by my mentors and managers whom trust me to take that extra step in my work, providing insightful feedback and advice along the way. I have continually been introduced to new opportunities allowing me to make different impactful decisions throughout my internship. I’ve been able to work alongside my amazing mentor, Katie, helping to extend our relationship with my college, Michigan State, given the opportunity to provide valuable insight as a student. In addition to using my creativity and filming experience to create YouTube videos highlighting our intern culture and life. While working to collect and create all of our social media content aired on all of our Stryker social media platforms including our LinkedIn with over 400,000 followers.. I was even given the independence to design, edit, and launch the brand-new Stryker intern blog site you’re currently visiting to highlight different intern experiences across the nation. And so, so many more experiences that truly embodied and enhanced upon my natural drive and work ethic.

Here at Stryker your work as an intern is truly valued by those around you. This independence has allowed me to grow more than I had ever imagined possible throughout my 12 weeks interning. While growing professionally, I’ve also been able to create valuable friendships with my fellow interns that I know will last long after this summer ends while creating a work-life balance that works best for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn something new every day about how to extend and launch my professional career after I graduate this coming May. All in all, if you feel you are somebody who always has to go the extra mile, like myself, Stryker is most definitely a company that will value your motivation and potential even as an intern.

Mia Chiesa- Recruitment Marketing Intern

Kalamazoo, MI; Shared Services

Michigan State University

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