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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

“What will I do in Operations?,” “Will my work make a significant impact to Stryker?,” “Will I be stuck with mundane and repetitive tasks such as data entry?”

These questions surfaced as I entered the glass door of Stryker’s Singapore office. However, walking out of the same glass door three months later, I laugh. Fear, doubts, anxiety were unfounded. This summer was definitely the most enriching and fun summer I’ve had thus far.

Inputs, Massive data sources, Process flow, Routines, Outputs

These are 5 words that adequately describe Operations. No doubt the fundamental objectives of my projects were to collate and analyze these massive data sources to allow greater visibility and foresight. But what matters the most was the approach to achieving these objectives—how can I finetune these repetitive and manual processes into something more efficient and effective? That was the main objective of the projects assigned to me. Valuing and accepting me for what I have - programming skills. With programming, massive data sources can be handled more easily and efficiently. Process flows can be converted into conditional statements. Routines can be converted into iterative statements. Hence, compressing multiple steps and refining the processes into something faster and simpler or even automating them, while producing the same results.

Other than the impressive array of innovative medical products, it was Stryker's corporate values and culture that I enjoyed the most. Opportunities and tasks given to interns are not only beneficial to Stryker, but also nurture their strengths.. Stryker is willing to accept new and foreign ideas while providing you with a platform to showcase and strengthen the skills you possess. Not only did they not reject my idea of using programming to carry out data analysis and refinement of the various processes, but they also provided me with the necessary resources and even arranged training sessions for those involved to fully understand and utilize the templates/ programs I designed. At Stryker, both you and your work will be valued, acknowledged and appreciated. Respect and individualization are not something you have to ask or work for, they are something automatically granted.

Experiences and insights are a must for internships; however, it was the genuine relationships forged at Stryker that I valued the most. Stryker’s culture fosters an environment whereby everyone is both the learner and the teacher. Acknowledging each other’s strengths, supporting each other, drawing out everyone’s full potential and creating genuine relationships that extend outside of the office.

Every person I meet is my superior in some way, in that, I learn from him/her”.

Sadly, three months is truly too short. Intern relationships, the friendships, the inside jokes, and the laughter will definitely last beyond summer. Thank you for making this summer the best that I could ever dream of. To the Operations team and other colleagues, thank you for all your guidance, experience and learning opportunities. If given a choice, I would definitely choose to work at Stryker again. I’m truly grateful and blessed for everything.

Alvin Tay Zhi Jiang

ASEAN Operations Intern



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