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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Are you looking for fun? Are you looking for a great experience? Are you looking to grow this summer? Do you want to build relationships with amazing people? Do you want to find out more about yourself? Do you want a team of people like you to cheer you on and value your work? Do you want to work for one of the World’s Best Workplaces? Stryker will fulfill this all for you and more.

I am a rising Senior at Indiana State University studying Marketing and Sales and will receive a Medical Sales Certificate along with my diploma upon graduation. This summer, I am the Sales Intern for Stryker’s Emergency Care located in Redmond, Washington. Every day, Stryker makes me feel like I belong. For example, on my first day as a Stryker intern, I received so many warm welcomes. After orientation, my favorite goodies filled my desk and I was invited to a team lunch. My team ends every week with “Coffee and Conversations” to discuss workweek positives and weekend plans. Before even starting my internship, I received multiple emails from my team which made me so excited and I already felt like part of the Stryker family.

Interning almost 2,000 miles away from home has been an amazing experience. I am learning to live on my own while taking on a full-time position with one of the biggest medical technology companies in the world. Stryker pushes employees to venture out of their comfort zones to create genuine relationships and deliver outstanding results. Stryker really brings out the best of your abilities while giving you the opportunity to exhibit individuality through each project, meeting, and presentation. It is important to be creative and bring unique ideas to the table. During my internship so far, I have learned new skills and proactively requested access to and engaged in additional learning opportunities. I had the privilege of sitting in on portions of the New Sales Rep Clinical Training and will also complete ride-alongs with Field Service Reps and Sales Reps in the area.

There is so much opportunity to grow and learn within Stryker. Stryker feels like a home away from home to me. My team truly values the work I am doing while pushing me to reach my full potential, create relationships, and learn new skills. The Intern Program Coordinators are so welcoming, and I could not imagine taking this journey without the other interns! Our group of young, driven, and talented students formed a quick connection like no other! From living in corporate housing, to morning carpools, to weekend hikes and shopping trips, we created quick friendships that will last long after the summer.

This summer has allowed me to build relationships, learn about myself, and become more responsible, all while having fun. I know when you join Stryker, you will have a fabulous team, but mine will always be the best to me! Time is flying and I am sad to say goodbye—but hopefully it is just until graduation!

Hannah Davis

Redmond, WA

Sales Intern—Emergency Care

Indiana State University

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