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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

My summer internship with Stryker Singapore was an eye-opening and valuable experience that I would not trade anything for.

On the hard-skills front, the tasks I managed were meaningful, where I felt that I was making an impact, and not doing tasks just for the sake of doing them. I was given the opportunity to improve current operations, and at the same time, learn hard skills such as Excel VBA. I believe that the best way of learning is through hands-on experience, and I appreciate my manager’s trust in my ability to learn on the job and contribute to the best of my ability – a culture that is truly prevalent in Stryker.

Having mentioned the above, Stryker places a heavy emphasis on employee development, including all the interns. We were given equal valuable opportunities to develop, and chances to initiate projects we believe in.. Despite my short stint with Stryker, it was apparent that Stryker values each employee. All the interns had the opportunity to find out more about our respective strengths through the Clifton Strengths report, and we were given coaching on how we should tap into them to further develop ourselves.

Moreover, we were given the autonomy to lead CSR projects, such as the Green initiative. Alongside fellow interns, I introduced measures to help Stryker become a more sustainable workplace and shared the importance of being sustainable. It was heart-warming to receive support from management, as well as colleagues – a representation of how Stryker is like a family away from home.

All in all, I am deeply grateful to my managers, colleagues and fellow interns at Stryker for making this internship an enriching and meaningful one, one from which I have taken away so much.

Jason also introduced and launched the Five Cents Project in Stryker’s Singapore and APAC office. The donations collected are used to help senior citizens in need.

Jason Tan

Finance intern

Stryker’s Singapore office


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