Department Offsite: Experience why Stryker is one of Fortune Magazine's Top 100 companies - Jared B.

As a Stryker outsider, you constantly hear about the amazing culture, dedicated colleagues, and the important, meaningful work. As a summer intern, you’ll have the chance to take a glimpse into life at Stryker, but if given the opportunity to attend a department offsite you’ll get an in depth look at why employees rave about company culture.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Global Marketing Summer Offsite in Monterey, California for two full days. The offsite was focused on gaining everyone’s full attention to align the global marketing strategy, voice opinions, and optimize team dynamics for the coming year. While the two full days were strenuous, they proved to be some of the most impactful moments of my internship thus far.

As an incoming intern, it is hard to judge the specific effect your individual projects will have on the overall business. The Monterey Offsite was the perfect forum to see how and why my intern projects fit into the department's global mission and actions. This experience gave me a macro view of the department dynamics, synergies, and how I was adding value. Collaborating with all ranks of marketers, outside of the 30min 1:1s and brief conversations, gave me an inside look at how incredibly dedicated and passionate everyone really is. These discussions boosted excitement toward my projects and further energized me to work toward the Stryker mission.

Continuing to familiarize myself with coworkers outside of the traditional office day gave me an authentic experience of the Stryker culture; the numerous activities, including a city-wide scavenger hunt, demonstrated Stryker’s focus on enjoying your work and building relationships amongst those around you who share a commitment fighting disease states. While there is no doubt you will grow incredibly close to your intern cohort by the end of your internship, the summer is also about pushing yourself to build relationships outside of your immediate coworkers. An offsite is the perfect forum to meet and get to know those you normally may not have interacted with. As you continue to experience Stryker and your internship function this can be extremely beneficial towards building your internal network and really getting a feel for how you fit within the office dynamic.

All told, the opportunity to attend an offsite will give you a unique and deep internal look into life at Stryker. An offsite can be the perfect opportunity to get to know senior leadership, see how your intern projects fit into the overall strategy and experience how dedicated everyone is to the company mission.

Jared Bouis- MBA Global Marketing Intern

Fremont, CA; Neurovascular

William & Mary School of Business

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