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Here at Stryker, our interns are a diverse group of talented students who represent colleges and universities from across the nation. The many different backgrounds, skills, and personalities our interns bring to our Stryker culture are enhanced through our acclaimed workplace environment as highlighted in the video provided below. Here at Stryker, we act with purpose and integrity to deliver remarkable results found in each employee from entry level interns and up.

While our education allows us to apply classroom knowledge to our Stryker experience, our individual strengths also play a role in achieving success. Being a strengths-based organization, Stryker looks to find a fit for you based on your personal strengths that will let you thrive in the organization. Stryker partners with Gallup to help us identify our innate strengths and learn to leverage them in achieving our potential.

As an intern class, we have a wide array of strengths demonstrated by each intern, but there are some popular themes seen among us as a whole.

  • Achiever – Accomplish tasks to promote success

  • Learner – Strive to learn new knowledge

  • Competition – Thrive on competition

  • Futuristic – Visualize future potential

  • Responsibility – Follow through on commitments

These themes are a sample of the many strengths Stryker interns demonstrate to deliver remarkable results. Visit our career site and learn more about finding your fit to be successful at Stryker.

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